Learn The Best Self-Defense Skills For Any Situation

Whether your goal is to learn effective self-defense skills for a real-world situation or you're hoping to prepare for the competition setting, we have the answer for you here at Team JMB - Martial Arts & Fitness. 

Our Self-Defense classes include stand-up striking, ground-based grappling, and everything in between.

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What Can You Expect From Our Self-Defense Classes? 

At Martial Arts & More Wilmington, we're helping you react to any dangerous situation without wasting a second. Our Self-Defense program is the perfect blend of stand-up strategies and ground-based skills. 

Did you know that a majority of real-world altercations end up on the ground in just matter of seconds? 

That's why we're helping you stay prepared for whatever life throws your way.

Come see us in Wilmington for:

  • Lightning-quick punches and jabs
  • Powerful throws and takedowns
  • Seamless transitions to ground control
  • Submission strategies to help you walk away unharmed

And Don't Forget: We're Challenging You To Get The Most Out Of Every Workout

Our Self-Defense program is first and foremost designed to help you stay safe in any situation. We make it a priority to help you understand the ins and outs of situational awareness and efficient striking strategies. 

But that doesn't mean we don't also challenge you to take on a dynamic workout each and every time you join us.

This program offers high-energy workouts that can keep your mind motivated and your body guessing.

At Martial Arts & More, we're helping Wilmington:

  • Build functional strength across your entire body
  • Develop lean muscle tone
  • Improve your speed, agility, and athleticism
  • Face life with more confidence than ever before

Join Us Today For The Best Self-Defense Classes In Wilmington!

Don't let danger catch you off-guard. Our Self-Defense classes at Martial Arts & More Wilmington can help you challenge your body and stay prepared for whatever life throws your way.

This program is perfect for men and women all across Wilmington. All experience levels are welcome.

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