Matt Brown

Martial Arts & More Wilmington is a martial arts academy where tradition meets values. Formed at the end of 2012, Coach Matt Brown opened his own affiliate of the JBM Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy as a way to share his passion of the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in his adopted home of Wilmington, North Carolina.

Coach Matt served in the Army honorably as an Airborne Rigger and Combatives Instructor. His time training and teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Wilmington left him longing for the feel of the traditional Jiu Jitsu Academy he came up in at JBM in Burlington, NJ.

After numerous monthly trips to train with the JBM family there, Coach Matt brought the team home to North Carolina and founded Team JBM in Wilmington, creating the first traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in the area.

Whether you want to seriously dedicate your time to becoming an amazing martial artists or simply want to get fitter fast - the key is that our instructors work WITH YOU and not for their own personal goals.

Martial Arts & More Wilmington has found success and would love to share that success with you!

The student base has grown greatly and what a tremendous splash they've made in local tournaments, earning many gold medals and representing their community with pride.

All skill levels and even total beginners are welcome to train! The team fosters a family environment, making it a home for students of all types. Competitors and casual practitioners train side by side together with a positive attitude that benefits all who step on the mats.

A sneak peak into our classes - controlled, fast-paced, and fun! As you build up your cardio endurance in ways previously held secret by top martial artists, You 'll also build strength and coordination through super super-fun wrestling, defending, and flexibility drills.

Some other added benefits both our kids and adult members experience are:

  • Boosted Self-Esteem
  • Body Confidence
  • Better Teamwork & Goal Setting Skills
  • Outrageous Core Strength & Hip Mobility
  • Improvements in Stress Reduction

Knowing how to defend yourself and being physically fit builds confidence and self-control - for both adults & kids alike!

JBM Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy was established in 2007 by Professor Brian McPherson. Professor Brian began his Jiu Jitsu career in the 90 's as one of Renzo Gracie 's first students upon his arrival to America. Professor Brian eventually earned his black belt from one of Renzo 's star students, Ricardo Almeida in 2006. Upon receiving his black belt in 2006 Professor Brian founded the JBM Jiu Jitsu Academy the following year.

Expert instructors continue to learn right alongside you!

After receiving his black belt from Ricardo Almeida, Professor Brian continued to train and received his 1st Degree Black Belt in 2010. During the 2014 JBM black belt ceremony (where Coach Matt received his 1st Stripe on his purple belt) Professor Brian received his 2nd Degree Black Belt from Renzo 's cousin, Daniel Gracie, uniting Martial Arts & More Wilmington with one of the most successful MMA teams in Philadelphia.

Be part of a legendary team, make fit new friends, and learn life-saving skills with the best in BJJ.

Today, JBM Headquarters is located in Flex Gym, one of the birthplaces of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on the East Coast, a place that hosted many pioneers throughout the 90 's. Some of the legends to grace the mats include Renzo Gracie, Ryan Gracie, Ralph Gracie, Ricardo Almeida, Steve Maxwell, Kurt Pellegrino, and Fabio Leopoldo, just to name a few. Martial Arts & More Wilmington travels to New Jersey to train at Headquarters several times a year, and all students are welcome.

The "Classes " link in the menu above is where we break down what it is we do in each class and where you can find that super low web-special going on too. See you soon!

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